About Our East Tennessee Gun Range

The East Tennessee Gun Club offers 6 firing lanes with state of the art digitally controlled target carrier systems. Our shooting stalls are divided by 1 inch thick bullet proof glass (the same kind used in armored cars) and are 9 inches wider than standard range shooting stalls. Each lane has a steel tube under the rest for storing rolled targets, and a hook to hang range bags.

Our 6 ranges include:

          • (4) 25 yard lanes
          • (2) 50 yard lanes

Rules For Range Check-In

  • Be prepared and expect to show ammunition for inspection at range check-in.
  • All firearms brought into the facilty must be in a range bag or case of some kind.
  • Guests may not use a concelaed firearm on the range. If you would like to practice with your concealed firearm, please put it into a case before entering the facility.
  • East Tennessee Gun Club Range Rules

Rental Guns

All rental guns are available for $10.